• July 30, 2019
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Take Me Back To The Ball Game!

Baseball is possibly one of the greatest pastimes ever created.  The simple sport of hitting a ball with a stick and seeing how far it goes has been the driving dream for many kids in their youth.  And as adults we can continue to relive these glory days of baseball by collecting and maintaining our own baseball memorabilia williamstown pa collection.

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When it comes to collecting there are as many varied collectors out there as there is stuff to collect.  For most and beginners alike collecting baseball cards was probably the tinderbox that drove us into the sport.  When I was a kid I could remember riding my bike to the local store and purchasing a pack of baseball cards and ripping them open.  The smell of cardboard and sugary gum still fill my collective consciousness.

From there I would move on to other items such as gloves, bats, pennants and thing I could display in my room.  I can remember spending hours playing with these items dreaming of being out on the diamond, ball in hand ready to throw it across the plate.  The catcher giving me the signal and when the ball felt just right in my hands I would wind up the pitch and let it fly.

For many of us however the collections we once had as a kid would usually be thrown away by our moms as they cleaned our room. Thinking back on all those memories lost forever just drove my passion even more.  Now, I was on a quest.  A quest to regain my childhood and to rebuild my collection one piece at a time.

If this sounds like you and your past you are not along.  To all of those baseball collectors out there, keep dreaming, keep searching and eventually that collection will be yours again!